Follow Me To The Warmth ~ Anchored In Him





Time of love and healing
With season that is right
Stars are up in heaven
Snow fills earth at night

Footsteps left behind you
Wherever you may go
Someone sure to follow
To catch your special glow

Trees are blessed with diamonds
That gather in the snow
Light up with magnificence
Canvas life will show

Special time to gather
Love that will abound
Hands are held out reaching
Friendships new are found

Season of Glad Tidings
That fills the heart with glee
Walking in this happiness
Brings love for you and me

Breath of air refreshing
Earth is bright and gay
Dressed for special reason
Christmas on it's way.

A special thanks to Francine Pucillo for
use of her ©2001, used with permission.
You may visit POETRY~EMOTION
to thank her also.

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