Surely He Taught Us - Anchored In Him





Surely He taught us,
to love one another,
lay down our lives,
for our sisters and brothers.

You gave us Your Word
and came to this earth
born in a manger
now we celebrate Your birth.

The Angels rejoiced,
Hallelujah's filled the sky,
glory to God in the highest,
peace on earth was their reply.

Jesus you taught us
to walk in Your ways,
let go of selfish ambition
and give you all our praise.

We have forgotten the true meaning
of Christmas dear Lord,
shoppers rushing and dashing.
buying things we can't afford.

You taught us to visit
those alone in despair,
hopeless and crying,
does anyone really care?

Those sleeping in shelters,
no place to lay their head,
do we pray for them Father,
or go about our business instead?

Are we so caught up
in frantic despair,
cooking and cleaning
and not give our neighbor a care.

Surely He taught us,
its better to give then receive,
take time for others,
or His heart, we do grieve.

Silent Night, Holy Night,
oh those words have such meaning,
when we give to another,
its Christ we are feeding.

Its not about dashing,
running to and fro,
decoration houses,
and scurrying here below!

It is in giving,
that we receive,
from our Lord on high,
and meeting others needs.

The trees are all trimmed,
house smells of baking,
presents all wrapped,
but Lord are we faking?

What's inside our heart,
what's on our mind?
Have we taken the time,
to reach out and be kind.

To that neighbor alone,
no calls does she get,
no cards in her mail box,
sits alone in regret!

The hurts run deep,
at this time of year,
expectations run high,
where is our cheer?

Surely He taught us,
to love one another,
put others first,
and make room for our brothers!

The true meaning of Christmas
is Christ came to earth,
to save our souls
and give us new birth!

And carry His Message of Love,
far and wide,
reach out to His children,
and stand by their Side!

Surely He taught us,
His Gospel is peace,
not war and destruction,
one day all this will cease!

Oh Holy Night,
when Christ to us came,
to this earth, so humble,
no riches and fame!

With hearts aglow,
we serve Him now,
deserving of nothing,
to Christ our King, we now bow!

A special thanks to Mary Ann Trott
for use of her © December 8, 2011
poetry. You may contact Mary Ann to
thank her for sharing her talents.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

Nothing is more powerful than God's love . . .

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