Giving Thanks ~ Anchored In Him - Thanksgiving 2013

God Bless and Holiday Greetings from our family at Anchored In Him. As we begin the start of the most festive time of the year let us give thanks to God for what He has blessed us with. Many times we do not thank God for all the blessings. Sometimes we tend to look at a glass of water "half empty" instead of "half full". The blessings are there.

As you read Giving Thanks from Jo Ann Kelly, think about the truth in the content. Also there is a story below her poem about Thanksgiving Love. We all tend to become more kind and loving during this special time of the year, but will or do we continue through the year?

It is hard with the present administration with bickering and fighting in congress to pray for these leaders of our nation as well as our local communities daily, but lets continue to pray for them as prayer is our communication with God and He does answer our prayers in His time not ours. America is rapidly declining in Her moral values, God help us! We are morally and spiritually broken.

Remember to pray for our Armed Forces as they defend our freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. Many of our Service Members are serving overseas and lets all send them a thank you card for their sacrifices. Many will have an empty seat at the table due to deployments, but for others the seat will remain empty as they were killed in action. May the Comforter be with these families and loved ones.

As we start the Holidays let us remember to share with those whom are less fortunate. Listen to the words of the song Teach Me Lord, To Wait as we do not want to wait, instant gratification is what we want. We must be careful for what we ask for in prayer, God knows are needs, do we? My friends we are truly blessed, give thanks to God for your
blessings and trials, He is there with you through all the time.

Again God Bless you and your families, we hope to
see you in church! Remember, bring your family and a friend . . .

Heavenly Father as we come to your Throne of Grace on humble knees in prayer we thank you for the blessings that you have and continue to bestow upon us. Father forgive us of our sins and sinful nature. Lord we ask a special blessing upon our Armed Forces and that you place your protective armor around them. We ask that you give them the peace and understanding that only you can give for those that have lost a loved one in war or that you have called home this past year, may the Comforter be with them. Heavenly Father we ask that you continue to keep your Devine Hand upon us even though we are not worthy of it. Father you gave us the greatest sacrifice of all your son Jesus Christ who died upon a cruel and rugged cross for our sins. Father we thank you for this love that you have given and shown us. Father be with our missionaries and church planters where ever they may be, bless them as only you can. Father be with those that are ill or shut in, may they feel your presence with them. Father remind us to remember those that are less fortunate and to share with them as you have taught us in the Holy Bible. Be with us Lord and continue to watch over us in Jesus holy name.

We give thanks for family, friends, and our God who forever lives
Thanksgiving is in our hearts for God's love, which will never end,
We're thankful for others, who are a blessing only God can give,
We thank Him for salvation and redemption us from sin.
We have so many things for which to give God praise
We could never count all our blessings, He freely gives us each day.
Our Loving Savior is always there to comfort and lead us on,
One day He shall come to take us, to our eternal home.

We must pray one for another and intercede as God commands
He will hear our prayers and holds us in the palm of His loving hands,
There is no other who can make our lives complete and whole,
We praise God above for sending His Son Jesus, to save our soul.

Jo Ann Kelly © 2004
J. P.'s Inspirations
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly for the use and sharing her © poetry that God has blessed her with. You may email Jo Ann to thank her. God Bless you my Sister In Christ.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. (KJV)

A Good Thanksgiving Story of Love that WE need to practice & live by 365 days!
I walked down Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.
There was a filthy homeless man, covered with soot from head to toe.
He had a huge beard. I'll never forget the beard.
It was a gigantic beard with rotted food stuck in it.
He held a cup of McDonald's coffee and mumbled as he walked along the street.

He spotted me and said, "Hey, Mister.
You want some of my coffee?" I knew I should take some to be nice, and I did.

I gave it back to him and said,
"you're being pretty generous giving away your coffee this morning. What's gotten into you that you're giving away your coffee all of a sudden?"

He said, "Well, the coffee was especially delicious this morning, and I figured if God gives you something good you ought to share it with people."

I figured, this is the perfect set up.
I said, "Is there anything I can give you in return?"
I'm sure he's going to hit me for five dollars.

He said, "Yeah, you can give me a hug."
I was hoping for the five dollars.

He put his arms around me.
I put my arms around him. And I realized something. He wasn't going to let me go.
He was holding onto me.

Here I am an establishment guy, and
this homeless man is hanging on me.

He's hugging me.
He's not going to let me go.
People are passing on the street.
They're staring at me.
I'm embarrassed. But little by little
my embarrassment turned to awe.

I heard a voice echoing down the corridors of time saying,

I was hungry. Did you feed me?
I was naked. Did you clothe me?
I was sick. Did you care for me?
I was the homeless man you met on Chestnut Street.
Did you hug me?

Author Unknown

"For if you did it unto the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you did it to Me..."

Generosity stems from the heart that has experienced God's grace . . .

Teach Me Lord, To Wait
Reggie and Ladye Love Smith
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