Anchored In Him ~ 2020 Start Your Year With Gratefulness

Happy New Year from my wife Linda and I at Anchored In Him, another year has come and gone. God has blessed and been good to us.
As you read the writing below, think about how often we start a New Year or day
without gratefulness or thankfulness to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We often take what God has blessed us with for granted, whether it be good health, food on our table, clothes on our back or a roof over our head. We are a blessed nation! We wish all of our subscribers, writers and graphic artist's a Happy and Blessed New Year. May God give you good health and happiness in 2020. In James 1:17 we are told that everything is from God. God formed Adam from the dust of ground, giving him the breath of life, also gives life to us, and to every living creature Genesis 2:7 How often do we take life for granted and the blessings that God has given to us?

In our nation this year troublesome times in the capital seems to never end. The party that supports abortion places more value on the environment and animals than it does on human life. One day a pastor that I know, we were discussing abortion and he stated that if he voted or supported the party that believes and supports abortion that he would have the blood of the unborn child on his hands and would answer to God for that, I believe that also. Sadly there are many who profess to be Christians that support and vote for a party that pushes and funds abortion. God help them as judgment will come upon all of us from God. The Holy Bible tells us in Matthew 10:30 that the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

The question we must all ask ourself is how many have we witnessed to or led to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We are commanded in the Holy Bible to do this. We will begin a new decade this upcoming year, I do an analogy of our life as a book and in volumes. Each volume has a decade or 10 years in it and each year has 365 days in it except for leap year. Everyday God Gives us another day to do His work and will. The question we must ask ourself is are we in His will and doing His work? I challenge you to reach out too those that are unsaved, witness to a neighbor or friend and leave a gospel track at a restaurant or with a cashier. Those seeds that you plant you may never see the fruit that they bear, but God will reap the harvest.

Look back on your life this year and past years you will see that you can remember the troublesome days. Some of the days years in these volumes life was great and other times were troublesome. We were never promised that there would not be troubles, trials or tribulations, but with the assurance that Jesus was and is walking with us through these times is a comfort. Do not let the disappointments of life get you down, always remember that God is there with us and cast these burdens upon the Lord. As we begin this new decade in our life I challenge you to be in church every time the doors are open, support and pray for our missionaries. Pray for your pastor as he has burdens also! Tithe and give faithfully, remember you CANNOT out give God since everything comes from Him. Bring a friend or neighbor to church with you and pray for the lost. Pray for our great nation and her leaders. Again we would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New year with good health. We appreciate and thank you for your prayers in our ministries.
Blessings from Christ await us.
Bro Dave and Linda Wick

Dec 19, 2016 by Paige

We've all been on the receiving end of some kind of holiday generosity,
whether it was a gift we held in our hands or our hearts. Instead of rushing
through the obligatory thank-you-note list this year, what about taking a moment
to really think about all the ways we've been blessed by others?
It not only reminds us of God's goodness in our lives today, but helps set our
hearts toward gratitude in the coming year.

Here are 7 thoughtful end-of-year thank you's to consider:
1. Who hosted you? Whether it was a small group get-together, Christmas party, or week long family visit, who would cherish a note of appreciation for opening their home (and heart!) to you this season?

2. Who went out of their way to surprise you this year? Maybe it was a unique gift,
a special outing to a place you love, a spontaneous call or visit from someone you've been missing. Why not let them know they provided some wonderful memories?

3. Is there a child in your life who would benefit from a note of gratitude? It could be a neighbor, a niece or nephew, son, daughter or grandchild. One of the greatest ways we can help the next generation to live with grateful hearts is to show them what it looks like. Take a moment to write a note to a helpful child. Even if it was a small thing, let them know you noticed and appreciated something they said or did.

4. Who blessed you without even realizing it? Could be the barista who made all those delicious pumpkin lattes or the hardworking coordinator of the Christmas show. Is there someone in your life who'd be surprised and encouraged by a note or gift of gratitude?

5. Who showed you the love of Jesus through their words or actions? The neighbor who scooped your walk when you weren't able; the friend who was faithful in prayer; the pastor who spoke a word of encouragement just when you needed it most? Let them know how God worked through them to brighten your Christmas this year.

6. Who is your unsung hero? Is there someone in your life that you're so close to you sometimes forget to show your gratitude for what they do? Maybe it's a family member who always stays late to help with dishes, or a friend who entertains the little ones so you can enjoy some grown-up time. Why not leave a note on your spouse's pillow reminding him or her of all you appreciated this season?

7. And finally, what about the One who made this holiday (and every day!) possible? How did you see Him at work around you and how did you experience His love this Christmas? Choose a special card and write a thank you note to Jesus. As you recall the goodness He's shown in the past, offer a prayer for the future. Ask Him to fill your heart with daily gratitude in the coming year. Tuck the card away in a Bible or journal, and revisit that prayer when you need a reminder to live gratefully. Maybe make it a tradition to write one at the end of each Christmas season. It's a wonderful way to begin a new year, not only reflecting on the blessings you've received, but preparing your heart for a grateful year to come.

Heavenly Father we thank you for the past year that You have blessed us with and for the New Year that You have given unto us. We thank you for Your Son Jesus Christ who gave His life on an old rugged cross so that we would have a way into heaven with you by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. We ask you to forgive of us of our sins and sinful ways as we know that we are to put on the full Armor of God and fail at times to do this leaving us to the wiles of the devil.
We pray for America and her leaders that they would come to you on bended knees and humble themselves before you asking for wisdom and guidance in decisions that they make. Heavenly Father we ask that You continue to bless America and that we would lead the way in stopping abortion. Watch over and protect our missionaries and their families and continue to provide for them as only you can.
We lift up our Armed Forces and their families to You, we ask You to protect them as they defend the freedoms that we cherish. We pray that their leaders come to you on bended knee seeking your wisdom and guidance as they lead the troops into battle.
Lord be with us this year, continue to bestow your blessings upon us as only you can. Be with our pastors in the pulpit, give them the grace that is needed to proclaim your Word boldly. Let our hearts and minds be receptive to your Holy Spirit. We ask all these things in Jesus holy name. Amen

God, I'm weak . . . I pray that others would see that You are my strength . . . Who comes to mind that needs your prayers in this new year ? ? ? Remind yourself to pray for them often ! ! !

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