A Day of Remembrance ~ Anchored In Him



A day of remembrance of years ago
About a terrorist attack here at home.
Young men of vile religious inclinations
Sacrificed their life in a warring decision.

Men of an inclement and devilish religion,
With deliberate attacks and no contrition,
Perpetrated a series of calculated tasks,
On an unsuspecting nation in deadly acts.

The encroachment of evil enacted that day
A fiery maleficent deed was displayed.
The sickening action of a despicable sect
Taunted and partied around this dissect.

United in a cause to heal the grievous pain,
To honor those so they didn't die in vain
We as a people rallying and rebounding,
Unites as a nation with resolve astounding.

In just a few short years we've grown so cold
With hardened hearts we mock and scold.
Oh, America how can we have pulled apart
From that harrowing day that united our heart.

A special thanks to Malta for use of her
poetry © Sep 2012. God Bless you my
Sister-In-Christ, you may contact her by
email to thank her.

Blessed are those who still morn, for they shall be comforted - - Matthew 5:4


Below is the original graphic by Shari's Designs.
I modified the main graphic adding the cross
from the twin towers in the stars. Also the girl
is at the memorial site and I added Jesus Christ
to show that only He can comfort those who were and
are still hurting from the terror attack that murdered
over 3000 people. Will you pray for America ? ? ?
She is in dire need of prayer ! ! !


911 Tribute
Lee Greenwood and Ray Charles
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