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Heavenly Father as we come to You
on our knees humble to You in prayer
we ask that You forgive us of our sins
and sinful nature.

Continue to bless our nation as only
You can and watch over and keep us.
Father as our great nation is still at war
we ask that You give us the strength and
resolve to continue to support our Armed
Forces of The United States of America,
The Collation Forces, and our nations

Father we ask that You place Your
protective shield around all of our
Armed Forces though out the world.
Loving Father we pray that our
leaders of this great nation come
to you humble on their knees
seeking Your Devine guidance in

Oh dear God we ask that You comfort
the families that have lost loved ones
in conflicts and battles. We ask that
Your Holy Spirit comfort these families
and feel Your presence. We pray that
they will look to You for the strength
during these troubled times in their

Father we realize that our Armed Forces
are willing to sacrifice their lives as Your
Son did for us to free us from sin. Many
times Father we take for granted the
freedoms that You have bestowed
upon us. We as God loving people
know that You intended for man kind
to be free of sin as well to have the
right to worship You at any time.

Father we ask all this in Your
Son's holy name, Thank You Jesus

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