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In the mid 1800's there was a bloody war
the only war fought on American soil.
It was The Civil War and many soldiers died
black and white soldiers...all toiled

Side by side they fought the battles
the black soldier was so proud.
The brass letters and an eagle on their
buttons. They stood brave within the crowd.

Free African Americans and runaway slaves
wanted to join this cause, wanted to do what's right. As they lined up in battle, only they knew they could withstand the heat of battle . . . even in the night

The battles by these brave black men fought were on land and sea answering the bugler's battle cry to battle. They carried the Colors in battle after men fell and they continued to answer the battle cry through this hell.

Yes, these man of color in this war shirked not their responsibility. They laid down their lives and fought hard to prove they were Americans and to give our nation stability.

Do not think they were not ready
to do what they knew was right.
They fought along side their fellow soldiers
they fought hard, some gave all, in the heat of the night.

Used with permission © Jan 2008
A special thanks to Jene Lind,
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ. 
You may contact Jene by email
to thank her for sharing her talents. 

A special thanks to Bob Snead
for use of his © art. You may see more
his art by visiting his site. All art and
graphics copyrighted on this page.

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God doesn't judge mankind by the color of his skin, He judges us on whether we are saved or unsaved. Is your name written in the Book of Life ? ? ?


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