God Bless Our Troops ~ Anchored In Him


For those who fight on distant shore,
Who give without a word;
Defending us with honor,
So gallantly they serve.

For every boy who leaves his home,
Returning here a man;
And every woman who made a choice,
To make serving part of her plan.

For every fallen soldier,
Who gave all they could give;
To guarantee our liberty,
And the freedom that we live.

Each one who served with honor,
The brave, the tried, the true;
America gives it thanks today,
For we see a hero in you.

Author Unknown

"Let every nation know....
whether it wishes us well or ill....
that we shall pay any price,
bear any burden, meet any hardship,
support any friend, oppose any foe,
to assure the survival and
the success of LIBERTY"

John F. Kennedy
January 20, 1961

"They were helped in fighting them,
and God handed [them] and
all their allies over to them,
because they cried out
to Him during the battle.
He answered their prayers,
because they trusted in Him."

The Holy Bible, I Chronicles 5:20

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