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Life gone in an instant
With blasts of hate from air
Caught within a moment
This deed done brings despair

Contemplate this evil
What good has this deed done
Left us filled with hatred
This battle never won

Torn with mass destruction
Deliberate hate designed
For only in one instant
Deep sorrow for mankind

Families filled with horror
Hearts are filled with tears
Within us saddest moment
What purpose brings us here

Let us join united
To say a silent prayer
For those who were the victims
Their voices we must hear

People joining hands now
Creating biggest chain
Bringing forth a miracle
Where evil brought such pain

Innocent are dead now
What power does this give
Lost within the horror
But yet we all must live

Fear cannot bring power
For deep inside hate looms
The power of the people
In silent prayer resumes

Hands that reached so bravely
To help those find a way
With hearts of grateful nation
We bow our heads and pray

For all those who are lost now
On this most dreaded day
We pray that God will give us
The strength to find a way.

Francine Pucillo
© used with permission, a special thanks to
Francine for use of her poetry, God Bless you.
If you would like to read more
 of her poetry please visit


Listen to the music as it is so true now as it was on the day He
walked on earth. Oh What A Healing Jesus, pray that Jesus will
heal the hurting of these families that lost a loved one. We 
dedicate this page to the survivors and families of 
September 11, 2001. May the Comforter be with you not
only now, but in the days of your sorrow. Your loved one may
have been stolen from you, but the pleasant and happy
memories can't be taken from you. Our prayer and hope
is that you will be together in heaven. Only you can make
that decision today if you haven't accepted Jesus Christ
as your personal Savior. May God Bless and comfort
you and your loved ones as only He can.

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The greatest force on earth is not the compulsion of law but the compassion of love ! ! !





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What A Healing Jesus
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September 11, 2001
A day that changed the world forever.