Wish You Were Here - Anchored In Him

Son, it has been a long, long time
Since I sat by the window at night
To watch the hours go by so slow
Watch the drive way for your car lights

Oh, time has a way of marching on
Seems like yesterday you were a boy
But now you are a man my son,
Wish you were here, I miss that little boy.

You grew and one day the toys were gone
A house key and my car keys you asked for
"I'll be careful Dad, I promise," you'd say
As you drove off in my car

Well, that key chain is rusted some now
And I sit here with my bible and pray
I wonder, Son, do you do as I taught you
And read your bible each day?

This pen I am using to write you, Son
Is the same one you played with as a boy
You'd sit on my lap in Sunday School
Guess you thought it was a toy

It's old now son, like the keys on my chain
The hours on this pocket watch tick by
I told you when you grew up someday
It would be yours Son, when I die

It meant a lot to you back then
You loved to watch the hour hand
You play with it while on my knee
As I read to you the Master's plan

They clock of life is wound but once
And no one knows the hour
And this is why, Son, I am writing to you
To remind you to be ready for

The day when Jesus will come back
And take us all on home
And until that time, my boy
Wish you were here, to carry on

A special thanks to Jene' Lind for this lovely
poem © July 13, 2004 you may email here.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

You need not fear where you are going when God is going with you ! ! !

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