A Child Dies of Cancer ~ Anchored In Him


God said, "I know your hurting
And filled with grief and strife
The loss of such a loved one
Cuts deep, just like a knife."

I said, "It's unrelenting
The sadness and the woe
This pain so cruel and ruthless
How could you ever know?"

God said, "I'm full of mercy
My arms are open wide
Come here to me for comfort
Get rid of earthly pride."

I said, "I cannot do that
You took my child away
My world once bright and cheerful
Has turned to skies of gray."

God said, "I really love you
Your loss, I truly share
I'm here to ease your burden
This weight, I'm going to bear."

I said, "Dear Lord have mercy
On bended knee, I pray
I cannot stand this torture
I fall apart each day."

God said, "You'll find the answers
You mustn't be so weak
The truth is found in scripture
It's there that you must seek."

I said, "How could you know, God?
Your heart is made of steel
You'll never really understand
The heartache that I feel."

God said, "I know you're hurting
I see you've suffered loss
You lost your child to cancer
Mine died upon the cross."

© 2006 Marilyn Ferguson

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Marilyn Ferguson for the from the heart poem.
You can contact Marilyn and thank her for this lovely poem.
Also you may visit her site to see more of her lovely poetry
While you are there please sign her guest book.
May God Bless you Marilyn.

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The God of all comfort and love is always there for us, He suffered on the Old Ruged Cross . . .

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