America Must Stand Strong ~ Anchored In Him

Through the many storms, American has firmly stood,
Though she stands strong, we know it is not on her own,
There is one above, in whom we must trust
There is 'one God' to whom we must pledge allegiance and belong. 

Attacks of an enemy did not defeat our great nation
When upon the Lord, we called,
He's been with us  through the storm and all the fiery trials,
He gave peace in the midst, and our nation did not fall. 

Though rumors of war may shake our country's peace,
We have one who can calm every storm,
We must look to the Savior, who can make the winds cease,
Only He, can keep us safe from attacks of the enemy and harm. 

Through the years, as we've trusted in Him, we've stood strong,
As we trust in Jesus Christ ... Lord over all,
We are indivisible, if we remain, "one nation under God"
We must never forget ... God is the one, on whom we must call. 

Through all the trials our County has been through,
We have stood because God was faithful and true
There is no other who can speak peace,
Only the Lord, can make the problems of our nation cease. 
Living under God is what makes us truly free
America's only answer is in Jesus Christ, our Lord
We must stand strong and heed God's Holy Word
Through this life, until we receive our final reward.

Though evil men may wax worse, and the enemy may roar,
We have a place of safety, in which we can hide,
We can rise above contrary winds, and like an eagle soar,
to rest safely in God's care, when in the Savior, we abide. 

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly for the use of her poetry © 2010.
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord - - Psalm 33:12




God Don't Leave America
Wiley Shepherd
  From CD "If My People"
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