A Place Of Mercy ~ Anchored In Him

Child of God, are you troubled?
Do you have problems no one seems to understand?
Are you often perplexed or full of doubts,
as you walk through this weary land?

Is there sickness in your body,
or trouble in the depths of your soul?
Remember, you have a help that is ever present,
come boldly and God's love you will surely behold.

There is no problem which God cannot solve
there is no affliction which He does not understand,
Reach up this very hour to the Savior,
let Him touch you with His nail scarred hand.

From the mercy seat, Jesus is tenderly calling
you can set at the Savior's feet,
There you will find peace and joy
as you worship at His mercy seat.

If you don't know Him
call on His name today,
once you've met the Master,
you'll never be the same.

You don't have to wait any longer
trust in the Lord this hour,
run to the mercy seat of Jesus,
Let Him save and keep you,
by His marvelous power.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly for use of her © 2006 poetry.

The living God can take the fear out of living . . .

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