America, we ask you,
tell us now, why do you cry?
The tears you shed are silent,
Let us know the reason why.
America said, "just look around,
and I am sure you'll see,
everything that is wrong,
here in the land of the free.
Justice has taken a holiday,
indeed, she's really blind.
She's forsaken all the victims,
and doesn't seem to mind.
Integrity has gone away,
the lie is now the trend,
especially with our government,
The corruption knows no end.
the things that made America great,
so many long years ago,
Truth, Justice, Freedom for all,
I remember them all, you know.
In all of the many wars,
our Veterans went to fight,
I carry their wounds inside me,
I'll never forget the sight,
of all the scars our Veterans carry,
or the millions who died in war,
the many thousands who are missing,
and left on another shore.
No wonder that I shed my tears,"
She said with a weighty sigh.
"The America, I used to be,
no longer is alive."

© 1999 Kicklighter
A special thanks to Sandra
for use of her poetry. You may
visit her site Poetry To Veterans
to read more of her poetry.

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