A Talk With Jesus ~ Anchored In Him


I sat and wept; my words were at a loss.
I'd stumbled and fell 'neath the weight of my cross.
I was humbled and saddened, my heart filled with shame.
Devastated at failure, my soul full of blame.

Then I heard my dear Savior say, without much ado.
'Child, I stumbled and fell 'neath my cross too!
Bruised and bleeding, thirsty and torn,
And upon my head was a crown of thorns.

Weary and discouraged  - - I was human, too!
God lifted Me up and I went on for you!
He sent a brother to carry My cross,
So that my death wouldn't be your loss!'

I cried out to Jesus 'But my wounds are so many!
My innocence lost; my sins are so plenty.'
And He replied, 'But that's why I died on that tree!
To give eternal life ... from sin set you free.'

I cried to our Father, 'Release Me from this cup.
And then I died and He lifted me up!'
A sudden peace appeared on my face.
I was filled with His Glory; washed clean by His grace.

His words were not lost on my heart and my soul.
He'd given His life to make me whole!
'Not My will Father, but Thy will be done!'
Then His life had ended ... my life just begun!

A special thank to Lynn King for use of her poetry © 2 August 2009. You may visit her site to read more of her poetry or contact her to
thank her. God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

I am whom I am, but by His AMAZING GRACE!
I am whom I am, but His conduit.
To Him I give All the Praise,
Honor and Glory . . . forever ! ! ! 

'As long as I have strength to walk,
I'll walk along His way.
As long as I have words to speak,
It's words for Him I'll say!
As long as I have breath within
I'll sing a song of Praise.
For I know when He calls me home,
I'll have peace for All my days!'

Lynn King

'He didn't teach me to swim to let me drown!
He didn't lift me up to see me fall down!'

Author Unknown

Justification: Our guilt gone; Christ's goodness given . . .






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