I Learned To Pray At Momma's Knee - Anchored In Him



Like the coat of many colors that my momma made for me.
With love she knitted stories of how I someday could be free
She loved the things God gave us and she made the most of all
But the times I do remember most was our family altar call.

This was the time we gathered 'round the table in the eve
And it was from the Bible the great stories that she'd read
We all would look around us, find what we were thankful for
Then we'd join in chorus, singing, "Oh, How Great Thou Art"

We were not rich, we didn't have a lot of extra things
Like pretty clothes or luxuries we didn't have those things
But we had something that was far more precious an I treasured most
It was that Family altar and the times that we were close

My momma sat and made our clothes, singing softly as she sewed
She taught us the books of the Bible ... the new ones and the old
She made a game of scriptures, taught us how to memorize
And Daddy used to tell us stories with a twinkle in his eyes

About the boy who slew the giant with a single stone
About the girl who found a baby in the river ... took him home
Oh, yes, he told us about Moses and the tablets of stone
But he also told us of a place where we all could call our own

I wasn't very big when all this was told to me
My momma taught me how to pray while I was standing at her knee
She would fold my little hands in prayer and I would close my eyes
But not before I saw my momma lift her face toward the sky

She was looking Heavenward as she asked the Lord to Bless
She taught me how to talk to Jesus, thank Him for His kindness
I learned He sent His only Son to die on Calvary for you and me
And this was why today my soul through Him has been set free

Oh, what I wouldn't give today, to go back in time to see
Where momma taught me how to pray while standing at her knee
The tears I shed for Momma now, are called happy tears
Because through her I know the Lord and I know that He is near

To love me and to guide me and be with me day and night
To make sure I stay on the narrow path and always do what's right
My life is so much easier when I take time to pray each day
Because it was at my momma's knee that I learned how to pray.

A special thanks to Jene' for this
lovely poem, contact Jene here.
God bless you my Sister In Christ
Jene' Lind © Jan 29, 2005, used
with permission. You may visit
Jene's site for more poetry,
please sign her guest book.

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