Bend In The Road ~ Anchored In Him

Reaching the bend in the road of life
We feel weary from all burdens and strife
Shadows fall slowly as the day ends
And the darkness of night descends.

We ask ourselves where do we find the strength
In the days ahead to valiantly keep on trying
To find a helping hand that will dry
The many tears of fear our heart is crying.

In a soft whisper we hear, God has a place
Share with Him all sins and disgrace
Just stop pretending and drop all pride
Strength we gain walking by His side.

Together we stand looking at the road
Viewing what we think is the end,
Yet God has a much broader vision,
And He tells us it's only a bend.

This road keeps going and is smoother
Like the pause in the song is a rest
And the part left unsung and unfinished
Is the sweetest and richest and best.

So pause and relax and grow stronger
Let go and God will share our load
Our work is not finished or ended
We have reached only a bend in the road.

Around the bend the road is straight
Looking up we can see heaven's gate
Angels are waiting to welcome us home
Living with God we will never more walk alone.

Used with permission, a special thanks to our
Sister-In-Christ Glenna M. Baugh for use of her
poetry © Sep 2011. Glenna went home to be with
You may contact Glenna's husband by
email to thank him. Also she has published a book
Living By Faith published Nov 2007. 

"Follow in the footsteps of
Jesus on the road of life."
Quote by Glenna

Nothing can shake those who are secure in God's hands . . .






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