Children Watch and Listen - Anchored In Him



Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it
Proverbs 22:6
One summer a robin built a nest close to a window where I could once again receive a message from God.
God seems to always send me an important lesson by way of some of His smallest creatures.
Another year the mother Robin labored not more than a foot from our bathroom window.
I had never had such a close view of the workings of a Mother bird.
Her intricate weaving of a nest was remarkable.
Twig after twig was brought and woven like thread with her beak and her feet.
Managing to secure it properly she sat within the nest fluttering her wings to smooth out the rough edges after each stitch.
She worked diligently preparing the nursery for her babies.
Completed just in time, the eggs soon hatched; the mother's labor continued.
God provided the food, the worms and insects, but the mother Robin still had to work to see that her babies were fed.
As she provided, her young grew and it wasn't long until they were eagerly anticipating life on their own.
You could sense their desire to become like their mother, independent and productive, as they perched on the edge of the nest, testing their wings.
Their call, their musical song, was being perfected as they listened to their mothers near-by coaching.
The day soon came when their flight was eminent. It happened one day when I wasn't even looking.
But my husband spotted them out on the deck not far from the nest with Mama still coaching.
Life was up to them now.
Mother would watch, though, in case her help was needed.
We as parents must prepare and provide when we are raising our children.
We must give them Godly instructions and training that will sustain them when they go out into the world on their own.
Our children grow up so fast and one day when we are not even looking, they strike out alone, ready to meet the world.
They may linger or return from time to time, for added reassurance, and we must provide without being invasive.
Yet, our chance to instill basic instructions, a foundation they will need, has passed when they leave the nest.
Are you giving those basic instructions, found in the Bible, to your children?
Are you sitting an example before them they can follow?
Are you instilling in them the rules of life God set forth in His word?
Are you instructing them in the plan of salvation?
Your children are watching and listening, even when they don't appear to be.
More than anyone, parents, it is your example they will follow.
Teach them well; that is God's desire.

© 2006 Betty King
A Special Thanks To Betty King
God Bless you My Sister-In-Christ.
You may contact Betty to thank her
for this heart felt poem. Also you may
visit her site, Betty's Moments of Reflection.

Are you raising your children in a New Testament Bible believing and preaching church ? ? ? There are many ways of the world that lead to the path of destruction . . .



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