Country Church ~ Anchored In Him


The little country church sits by the
quiet stream and has been there for years.
It welcomes the worshipers each week,
and will do so as long as people came here.

In the early days the worshipers
 came from near and far...
 in their buggies, on horseback,
and a very few, in cars.

Sadly, with progress has come sophistication,
so now most people worship in the city,
having left behind the little country churches
and their simple ways of worship ... more's the pity!

Yes, the world has changed,
 but not so the Lord.
He will forever be faithful,
just as promised in His Word.

So country, town, or city,
the Lord is still the same,
and will be everywhere two or three 
are gathered in His Name!

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Virginia
Archer for use of her poetry © November, 2010.
You may contact by email to thank her. God Bless
you for sharing your talents.

Sharing the gospel is one person telling another the good news ! ! !



The Old Country Church
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