Good Advice For A Good Life ~ Anchored In Him


Always remember to love yourself,
For the person that you are,
Put all doubts and fears upon the shelf,
And from them you'll go far.

Seek out positive people for friends,
That you enjoy to be around,
For true bonds of friendship never ends,
Once it has been found.

Learn to forgive yourself,
As well as friend and foe,
Mistakes we make is how we learn,
And from them we can grow.

Always pursue happiness,
But never lose touch from base,
The pursuit you'll find, is a state of mind,
And may be a life long chase.

Where you come from
Is not that important,
What matters is always knowing,
The past is gone, the future is now,
And the future is where you'll be going.

Always try and keep your word,
Try not to ever lie,
Don't repeat bad things you've heard,
Karma comes back by.

If you worry about what might be,
And wonder what might have been,
You'll blind the thoughts that help you see
What is...and where to begin

Take or make time for a sunset,
Or perhaps a walk on the beach,
Peace of mind, you'll often find,
Is always quite within reach.

Always be strong and face your fear,
If you want that fear to disappear,
For if you turn and run away,
That fear within you is there to stay...

And before you bed down each night
Remember to say:


Author Unknown


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