The Greatest Valentine - Anchored In Him

God's gift was not hearts or fragrant flowers nor chocolates boxed in a beautiful red satin heart, His gift was not earthly roses which soon fade away, He's the Rose of Sharon who gave our lives a brand new start. Jesus, who was crucified, on Calvary's rugged cross, was God's greatest Valentine, given with love for all men. His crown of thorns, was the greatest crown of all it pierced our Savior's brow, as He paid the price for our sins. The heart of the Father looked down from above He behold His creation in need of a Savior, He sent His very best, because of His great love, God's gift still saves, and keeps us in His grace and favor. The greatest Valentine of all is Jesus who willingly died to pay salvation's cost His precious blood which stained the old rugged cross still flows freely today, for all the lost. We give thanks for His great sacrifice for He freely gave His life to save us from sin and strife, we're thankful for the love of our precious Lord so kind Jesus is still asking hearts today, "Will you be mine?" A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly for use of her poetry ©2017, 2005, you may contact Jo Ann by email to thank her for use of her from the heart poetry. God bless my Sister-In-Christ. Blessings from J. P.'s Inspirations Somebody Loves You Somebody loves you more than you know, Somebody goes with you everywhere you go. Somebody really and truly cares. Somebody listens to all of your prayers. Jesus will always be there!
We know how much God loves us because He sent His Son to save us . . .

Only Because You Love
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