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When times are hard; days seem weary; I am there
I am waiting; when you bow your head in Prayer.
I told you when you are too tired, or scared to cry
I am there my son; my daughter; it is I, who stands by.

I was there when you were born; your family loved you so.
I will be there when you die; to Heaven; I'd have you go.
Look up to the sky; I am farther away; but in your heart
Though sometimes you leave me out for a bit; I shall not part.

I am there when you fall; I lift you up and take you back again.
I hold you closely to my heart, and make you clean from sin
Temptation comes to you; I know at times you cannot refrain.
When you fall again; your life feels cold; as the winter rain.

I'm there when you or a loved one is ill; when a babe is born.
I'll be there when you leave this world; I will help the babe to mourn.
I'm there with you when the rains fall; or snow is upon the ground...
When you go through trials and tribulations; I can be found.

A special thanks to Pearlie Duncan Walker
for use of her poetry © August 16, 2006.
You may contact her by email to thank her.
God Bless my Sister-In-Christ.

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