If Jesus Came Tonight ~ Anchored In Him

If Jesus came tonight
Will you be ready in His sight
Would He say to you, well done
A crown in heaven you have won.

If Jesus came tonight
Would He say to you, depart
You have never let me into your heart
Accept Me and make things right. 

Before your life on earth is spent
Trust in Jesus, your sins repent
The day or hour none of us know
Just be sure you are ready to go.

Would your heart be filled with fright
If Jesus came tonight
Have faith in Him, do not wait.

Used with permission a special thanks to
our Sister-In-Christ Glenna M. Baugh © 2007.
You may contact Glenna's husband email to
pay tribute to Glenna.
Glenna went home to be with the Lord a few 
years ago. Also she published a book
Living By Faith in Nov 2007.

Live as if Christ is coming back today . . .

If Jesus Came To Your House
Porter Wagoner & Blackwood Brothers
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