Journey of The Soul ~ Anchored In Him



Your heart is filled with pain,
Your mind cluttered with confusion.

Pieces of your life fall around you
Like raindrops in a storm.

The path you chose so long ago
Led you straight to hurts door.

Now your weary feet struggle
To find the road back home,
Searching for the places
That love and beauty hide.

Temptations lie in wait all around,
Pulling at your every step,
Waiting for you to slide back
From the chosen, sought for, path.

Emptiness surrounds you,
Confusing your perceptions.
It is difficult to carry on.

I will do My best to fill your heart with joy,
To clear the cobwebs of confusion,
Help you find your purpose.

I am good at catching pieces
And I can chase away a storm.

Let me walk your path beside you,
I have walked this road before.

You can lean on Me when the weariness comes,
My shoulders are very strong.

I can not fight your battles,
Or chase away demons of the soul,
But I can lend you My strength
Until you find your own.

I will help you find the courage
To face each day anew.

I can not shorten the journey you must make,
The road is just as long as before.

But I can fill the emptiness
And help you reach your center,
The place where love and beauty hide.

Take My hand, be My friend,
Let Me walk with you awhile.

Author Unknown

Take my yoke upon you and learn of me - - Matthew 11:29




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