Miracle of Life ~ Anchored In Him


As she peered into the mirror 
Her face looked pale and drawn 
All her youthful radiance 
Seemed forever gone 

She felt no joy inside her heart 
Her peace had gone away 
Replaced with only fear and dread 
Of what she faced today 

It was only eight short weeks 
Since she turned twenty one 
She had been so full of life 
And having so much fun 

She had felt so much in love 
She'd hoped that very soon 
Her guy would pop the question 
And she'd be a bride by June 

Then one day the Doctor called 
There was a baby on the way 
And when she told her boyfriend 
He packed and moved away 

He didn't want a baby 
So he told her what to do 
She must abort the baby 
Or the two of them were through 

Though he'd said he loved her 
The day she'd given in 
She had known her choice was wrong 
It was nothing more than sin 

She had turned her back on God 
And set her faith aside 
Now her life was such a mess 
She wished that she could hide 

Now once again she's giving in 
The pressure was too great 
And she had called the clinic 
To set the fateful date 

Staring at this looking glass 
She'd never felt so sad 
But soon this would be over 
And he no longer would be mad 

The time had come for her to go 
She got into her car 
She drove slowly to the clinic 
It wasn't very far 

The day was dark and gloomy 
There fell a misty rain 
The weather seemed to understand 
As if it felt her pain 

As she pulled into the parking lot 
Her mind began to swirl 
As she wondered if her baby 
Was a little boy or girl 

She felt a tug inside her heart 
As she stepped inside the door 
No one saw the teardrop 
As it splattered on the floor 

She signed in at the window 
And then she took a seat 
So consumed with loneliness 
She simply stared down at her feet 

When they took her to the room 
It seemed so damp and cold 
She wished that she could turn and run 
But she wasn't feeling bold 

As she lie upon the table 
She heard a small still voice 
"You must leave this evil place 
Make a different choice" 

She began a silent prayer 
"Dear Lord, Where have you been 
My life's become a nightmare 
And I need you once again" 

Once again that gentle voice 
"You've turned your back on me 
But I have never left you 
Since the day I set you free" 

"My child, you are rebellious 
Your path is paved with sin 
Now you lie upon a table 
In the heart of Satan's den" 

The voice continued speaking 
"This thing you do is wrong 
The baby is my gift to you 
I've planned it all along" 

"If you'll put your faith in Me 
I will see you through 
The way may not be easy 
But I'll always be with you" 

"Exercise your faith in Me 
For I AM still the same 
I'll help you raise this baby 
And I'll glorify my name" 

"I'm the one who loves you 
More than you could know 
Now you must get dressed again 
It's time for us to go" 

When the Doctor came into the room 
He only found a note 
Written in a hasty scrawl 
This is what she wrote 

"Thank you for your trouble 
Your staff was very kind 
But I've spoken with the Bridegroom 
And I have changed my mind" 

"I shall keep my baby 
I'll raise him 'till he's grown 
I will glorify my Savior 
For He counts me as His own" 

When she stepped outside the clinic 
She knew that she'd be fine 
She whispered "Thank you Jesus" 
And the sun began to shine. 

Author Unknown

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Countless abortions are done every
day while many parents anguish over the early
death of a child. Most of us expect our children
to out live us
. Our children are only on loan to
us from God. He can call them Home any day.

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When there seems to be no way, God can make a way ! ! !

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