My Family Is There Too ~ Anchored In Him

When I was just a little girl my Mama went away
She told me that someday I, too, would live so far away
She went to walk the shores with Jesus while I stayed behind
To grow and learn to be like Him so I could go in time.

I had my little sister and I was a lucky girl
To not be so alone with no one in this world
But Mama went to Heaven, she's on that other side
And someday I can go to her and shout out with pride!

Mama, I did what you said and studied very hard.
I read her Holy Bible daily and gave my life to the Lord
I tried to live the righteous way, like Jesus said to do
And then I can be worthy to live in Heav'n too.

"Oh, Mama, will I make it, will I live beside your home
And can I ever take it, that joy, you call your own
The joy of living in the mansion that is bright and new
I can't wait to come to join you, see my other family, too.

Will Grandpa be in Heaven, does he live next door
Will he wear a heavenly robe or will he still be poor
I hope he has two eyes to see the Heavenly streets of gold
I hope he has new stories that to me can be told

Yes, I have family on both sides, both sides of River Jordan
This earthly side I shall reside until I get to Heaven
My family up in Heaven can wait and rejoice, you see
And while on earth my family here will love and pray with me.

A special thanks to Jene' for this
lovely poem, © Aug 24, 2009. You
may contact Jene to thank her.
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.
You may visit Jene's site for more
poetry, please sign her guest book.

Set your mind on things above - - Colossians 3:2




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