Phantom Graduation ~ Anchored In Him


I bought a rose for Mary Lou
to celebrate our graduation day
my whole life was before me
I knew just what I'd be
if only I'd said no ... and walked away.

I was the scholar of my class
the boy with all the fun and charm
elected student council president,
but I liked to party with my friends
stay out late, time and again
man ... I thought booze and pot would do no harm.

Now no diploma's in my hand,
the rose is frozen to be saved
no baccalaureate for me is said
the funeral march is played instead
and Mary placed a wreath upon my grave.

If I could be there for a while
walk with my classmates down that isle
I'd take the mic right from that speaker's hand
I'd let it echo through the halls
I'd let it bounce right off those walls
say no to drugs ! ! ! And live to be a man.

Now no diploma's in his hand
my rose is frozen to be saved
the future's gone for Jim and me
my tears will flow on endlessly
and I will place a wreath upon his grave...

A special thanks to Jene' Lind
our Sister-In-Christ for use of
this poetry. This poem was written
about a neighbor boy who was killed
on Prom night. It is for a reminder to
students NOT to drink and drive or do drugs.
© May 2004. You may email Jene to thank

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