The Old Rocking Chair ~ Anchored In Him

A little boy sat at his grandmothers knee. It was their special time of day. She would read her worn bible and explain it to him, and they would kneel to pray. But today he was so unhappy, as tears ran down his cheeks'. These are the words he whispered to her, in a voice that could hardly speak.
Daddy and Mamma don't love Jesus, they never mention His name. They don't go to church and read the bible, they never kneel to pray. Some day when we get to heaven I want them to be there to. Let's kneel down and tell Jesus, He always knows what to do. As I stood outside that little room, my heart filled with pain. My wife was standing by my side her face with tears was stained. We quietly stepped inside and joined them in prayer, and God so wonderfully saved our souls as we knelt by that old rocking chair. A little later outside that room, it was their special time of day. My heart over flowed with such joy when I heard the little boy say, Daddy and Momma love Jesus, they talk about Him everyday. They go to church, read their bible and then kneel to pray. Someday when we get to heaven I know they'll be there too. I want to kneel down and thank Jesus, He always knows what to do. Mother has gone to be with Jesus and our son is now a man, he preaches the gospel of Jesus to the lost all over the land. But when he's home I know I'll find him at that special time of day, kneeling there by that old rocking chair and these are the words I hear him say. Grandmother we love Jesus and we talk about Him everyday. We go to church, read the bible and we kneel often to pray. I know that you are in heaven and one day we'll be there too. I'm going to kneel down and thank Jesus for a wonderful Grandma like you. Yes I'm going to kneel down and thank Jesus, He always knows what to do. A special thanks to Edith Forbes for use of her © poetry. God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.
Big lessons can be learned from little children ! ! !

How Long Has It Been
Jimmy Swaggart
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