Saving Up Questions - Anchored In Him

It's been said by so many that they're saving up questions to ask God when they stand near His throne.

And I'm no exception for my heart's full of wonder for the undeserved mercy He's shown.

The first thing I'll ask Him is what kind of love
sent the great Lamb of God to the cross,
to perform the perfect will of the Father for salvation so that I could be saved...and not lost.

I will ask if I can bow to His nail-scarred hands
and kiss the feet that were hammered in place,
because this perfect King atoned for my sin
to offer the riches of grace.

I'll ask God, who am I...that you'd seek to save me and show me Your face every day; to draw me through Your Son for a personal relationship so I could see You...and hear when I pray.

I'll ask for the honor and privilege to sing with the angels singing "Holy" to His name.

For the Prince of Glory they worship, died to redeem me and cancel the guilt of my shame.

I won't ask a single question of the heartaches and trials or the pain of this earth that I see.

For I'm consumed with this passion from the Lord Jesus Christ for the gift that He's given to me.

A special thanks to Sheila Gosney for use of her poetry © April 2009. You may contact to thank her.

Every child of God has a special place in His plan . . .





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