See The Lights Ahead? ~ Anchored In Him


By faith, can you see the lights ahead,
can you imagine that city so fair?
The place where we'll have perfect rest
in mansions prepared for us there.

We're only passing through this life
and preparing to meet the Master
in that city with streets of Gold
where we shall live with the Lord, hereafter.

The Son of God is the light
in that city which we'll behold
O, what joys there await us,
the half has never yet been told.

By faith, we have a blessed hope
which is drawing closer each day
reach out today to the Savior
as you trust in Him and pray.

No matter how dark it may be down here below
in the trials and problems of this life,
One day we'll live with Him forever,
in a land that's free of sin and strife.

Hold on to the Savior and fully trust Him
for the best is yet to come
The future is bright for all in Jesus,
the blessed Holy One.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for the use of her poetry © 2009, 2007. 
God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

In the light of Christ's brillance, the world's wisdom is but a shadow . . .





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