Things Missing In Heaven - Anchored In Him

There will be things missing in Heaven that we see every day . . . things that we are used to, but won't miss at all when they've gone away.

Yes, there will be things missing in Heaven . . . and I'll list some of them for you.

But without these things missing it wouldn't be heaven, it's true.

We won't be hearing sirens meaning there's a house on fire, or that someone's child was mangled by a car.

We won't hear angry shouting in the middle of the night, from someone who's upset because they weren't treated right.

There won't be children with anguish on their precious little face. Instead there will be happiness, and peace and joy every place.

There'll be no more loneliness, no depression, no pain. Nothing will be a loss and everything will be gained.

We'll shed no tears for loved ones, who are straying from the fold. We'll never be too hot . . . and we'll never be too cold.

We won't have to stand in line for our unemployment check or see our friends destroy themselves in a crushing two car wreck.

There will be no flooded basements and no more roofs that leak and no more neglected widows with a future rather bleak.

There'll be no scared children with a drunken daddy in a rage and no dogs, or lions or elephants locked in a dirty cage.

There will be no sin or hate to disturb us there. There will be no worry or stress and we won't have a care.

Instead we'll enjoy our Heavenly Father each and every day and spend our time with Jesus who showed us the way.

It was His blood that bought us an abiding place there and for our clothing it's His righteousness we will wear.

The things missing in Heaven won't include you or me, if we take Jesus at His promise and accept His salvation free.

Author Known Only To God

Satan may win some battles, but he canot win the war ! ! !

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