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This world has been so richly blessed
Often we have failed to see
That the light of Jesus in all its glory 
Was an awesome gift of majesty.

Today our world is full of sin and strife
So many are seeking peace in their life
They do not see the light of Jesus so bright
Ever shining through the darkness of night.

Our heart must be opened for Jesus to come in
Only then will we notice His light shine again
Our pathway will be brighter for us to see
The light of Jesus is a gift that is free.

The light of Jesus is a precious gift
A treasure in our heart to behold
His light never grows dim is a splendid thing
This ever shinning light is worth more than gold.

Jesus shines His light with warmth and love
As He watches over us from heaven above
The light of Jesus never grows dim
His light will always shine if we follow Him.

Used with permission, a special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Glenna M. Baugh for use of her poetry © 2011. You may contact Glenna's husband by email to thank him. Glenna went home to be with the Lord a few years ago. Also she published a book Living By Faith published Nov 2007. 

Then spake Jesus again unto them saying,
I am the light of the world; he that
followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life.

John 8:12 KJV

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