Look For The Little Things - Anchored In Him


Are you searching for God's blessings,
Trying hard to find just one?
Are you walking in the shadows,
Hanging on 'til day is done?

Do you fail to see the wonder
That God offers you each day?
Do you notice all He bestows?
All the joy He sends your way?

God gives many kinds of blessings,
Through the little things we see,
He turns shadows into sunlight,
Hued with rainbow, rose, and tree.

God breaks dullness with bright laughter,
Or a child's sweet, simple deed.
He grants wonders unexpectedly.
His surprises meet each need. 

When you notice the little things - 
His blessings, all around,
When you're glad for what each day brings,
Then your happiness abounds.

Feel caresses from spring breezes,
Smell the freshness of His rain.
Step out at night and watch the stars,
Shoot across the sky again. 

Arise before the sun comes up,
View a glorious orange display,
Revealing waking signs of life,
That welcome a brand new day.

Keep looking for the little things,
God's blessings will come to you, 
Filling your heart with peace and joy,
And making your life brand - new.

Author Unknown

Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give to you . . .



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